Regarding my career and job

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Regarding my career and job Empty Regarding my career and job

Post by venktes on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:18 am

Dear sir,

Time:11.45 AM
Place:Madras(or) Chennai
country :India

Please guide me and help me really i am begging you.

I am jobless still 1st May 2012 i am not getting any job till now.i am struggling a lot for my job since May 2005.but all my efforts are getting failed.Please analyze my horoscope and predict me regarding following queries.

1.Since i am jobless now please tell me when i will get new it possible in july month 2012.
2.Whether private or government job which is good for me,since i apperared for 2 government exam.
3.Which career field will suit me how is my finance and future.
Please predict me sorry to ask u morequestion with out money i will pay u once i will get a job please help me sir i beg u

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Regarding my career and job Empty Re: Regarding my career and job

Post by AstroGuru on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:09 pm

You were born in Gandmool nakshtra ( Revti ) which creates problems in each and every field of life. so get puja done for it. Your career house is also under the effect of Angaarak dosh. Feed street dogs with sweet bread. likely to get job by November 2012. worship sun to get Govt. job

God Bless You..!

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