when will i be able to take the exam ?

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when will i be able to take the exam ? Empty when will i be able to take the exam ?

Post by sushan9e on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:35 am

Name - Saurav Chakraborty
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Namaskar :-)

I am doing my phd in US. Came here in 2010 august. At this moment I am working on my proposal. I have been working on it for long. Once finished I am supposed to take a qualifier exam, completion of which will fetch candidacy status but I have not got my advisor's approval yet although he is saying I am almost there but I have become increasingly anxious. Have been under pressure lately and would be grateful if you please suggest when will i be able to finish my proposal and take the exam. I have decided to go to India in december for a month's visit and really want to take the exam and defend the proposal before that
thanks and regards

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