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Post by Prof.Dr.Rajan Iyer on Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:31 pm

First of all, Let me thank Mods and Admin of this forum for accepting my membership.
A B-I-G H-E-L-L-O-W to all Loving Brothers, Sweet sisters and Respected Seniors here from Prof. Dr.Rajan Iyer!!.I am a Homoeopath, [MD,FF.Hom] Acupuncturist(MD Acu),Bio-Energy Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Sphymologist ,Rose Therapist, a Radial-Psycho Kinesiologist and a Numerologist.
My *career skills: *All GIT, Gyn, Psychosomatic *Behavioural disorders of the young and old *Chronic and stubborn ailments like Leucoderma, Psoriasis. etc.
**I am presently doing research on a) Bio-Energy Dynamics Resonance Imaging & Homeopathy b) Past Psychic Imprints Re-Tuning, c) Scope of Ragas and Mantras as Homeopathic Remedies d) Rose Therapy e) Graphotherapy f) Astro- Homoeo Therapy.g) Esoteric Kinesiology h) Radionics
**I have been practicing Evidence Based Homoeopathy (EBH) since 28 yrs and Clinical Acupuncture since 19 years. From the Ocean of Drugless therapies I am also interested in the research, study, practice and propagation of: TCM & Siddha (Pulse Diagnosis), Esoteric Medicine, Flower Essences, EFT, Shiatsu, Astro & Graphotherapy, Biofeedback, Bio-Resonance Dynamics & Imaging, Mantras, Gems & Crystals ,Aromatherapy.
*** There is much to learn in this universe. I have come here to give what I have and get what I lack. Knowledge increases on giving I joined here to make friends and learn more about different mantras chanting and the benefits + other healing methods from experts in the community.
I will be happy if I can get various rare mantras/slokas links from members here (pdf,mp3 videos)
**** My Outlook: With Every problem in life comes an attachment called - Solution .* Nobody is good or bad and cannot be the same for all forever !!! As, We All are just victims of circumstances. So, why have animosity, vengeance, resentment for anyone. Just Forgive & Forget, *Just spread Unconditional Love.
I thank you all for viewing my profile. Tc.
Prof.Dr.Rajan Iyer
Prof.Dr.Rajan Iyer

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