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Desperately need help Empty Desperately need help

Post by Nidhi Bali on Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:01 pm

my details:
dob: 15.10.1982
tob: 10:50 AM
pob: Delhi

my husband's details:
dob: 26.03.1981
tob: 07:30 AM
pob: Delhi

I got married on 17.11.2009. Its 2 and a half years now but i could not able to conceive, because of this I am very much depressed and tensed these days. we have taken medical help also bt still even cannot know the reason of not conceiving that is making me more and more tensed. Every month my hope ends and my heart get fully depressed.
i will be very thankful to you if u help me by predicting when i would be able to conceive.
Nidhi Bali
Nidhi Bali

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Desperately need help Empty Re: Desperately need help

Post by AstroGuru on Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:08 pm

There is Kaalsarpdosh in ur horoscope affecting Jupitar the lord of ur santaan bhava. You are also undergoing Rahu mahadasha till Sept. 2019 So this dosh is very much active. Get puja done for this soon preferably at trimbakeshwar. Avoid black and dark blue colours and remove all Rahu things like defective watches and electronic goods and all useless things from ur house.
In your husband horoscope -Venus sitting in 12th house with Sun and Mars indicates that he is deficient of required sperm counts.Both of you may water rising sun properly.
You can contact me after you get puja done for pitra dosh for more remedies as this is the basic dosh.
I f you do all the remedies sincerely and properly with all faith, you may conceive by Dec. 2012

God Bless You..!

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